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In today’s wonderful blog, We are going to discuss about “321movies” or “321movies.org” which is one of the most prominent movies and web series downloading websites .

Introduction to 321movies or 321movies.org

There might be a possibility that you haven’t heard of this wonderful technical creation, but from now, you would be going to love this more, as it is like a treasure for cinema lovers, especially Hollywood.  

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For those who love to watch movies and web series, you must be thankful to the creators of this masterpiece, for letting down your search for fresh and versatile cinema content.

 If you don’t want to spend your money in theatres and travel down the roads and heavy traffic to reach there, you may enjoy those Hollywood movies, on your private screen, maybe on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or any other device. Let’s begin our journey of curiosity by knowing some relevant facts about this website and you would also get a detailed guide to use it throughout this article.

Best Way to download HD movies from 321movies or 321movies.org

The URL address of this website is not constant, it changes day by day, so either you had to note down the domain that is 321movies, and the part after the dot would be changing till the end, hence, jot it down for sure, so that you may not miss it forever.

After typing this in your browser’s search bar, you would be directed to the homepage of this website and there you would be encountered a modern template and newly designed and fresh homepage, with catchy posters of movies and series, the latest ones would be presented at the top, with its full name and the respective year, in which it was launched.

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321Movies or 321movies.org features list

It also contains a featured list, which contains an orange tag, which you would find on the upper left corner of the poster of that particular movie. This column was created by their editor, and it recommends one of the best movies, which are available on 321movies.

On the dashboard part, you would see the following options-

Home– after clicking on this, you would be directed to the home page, as it is, where you were already.

 Movies– This option contains two subparts namely- trending and ratings, after clicking on trending a pop-up list of top trending movies of their sites, which other users are downloading and enjoying, would be presented. When you click on the rating part, it will redirect you to some movies, which are rated on their websites by the consumers or users themselves, and that too in high-definition quality.

TV series– Most of the shows, which you would find floating across your screen are from American television, this might disappoint the other country users, but, they all were quite awesome.

Earlier I was also not fond of those tv shows, but when I started using this site to watch them, I felt extremely happy and cheerful all day, that I have consumed something good, as quality content is the main priority for the developers.

TopIMDB– IMDB is the best platform, where you can rate or write a critical review about a movie or series, belonging to any country or language. Hence, according to me, this option is best for those who used to search all day, that what to watch to spend their weekends with leisure and fun. As top-rated movies would be there on your watch list, this weekend grab on your screens, dim the lights, have a smile on your face, and go on.

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Contact– This option contains the number of ways through which you may contact the developers in case of any query or complaint regarding any content posted.

Alongside, for the sake of users and to save their time, an option of a search bar is also provided so that you can search for a desired particular movie or series.

You would be surprised to know, and I would be to mention, that so far, they have uploaded more than 3500 movies on their site and all in high resolution, hats off to such a great charity (for movie-enthusiasts and from movie enthusiasts).

Best ways to prevent from Virus which is caused by this third party site 321movies or 321movies.org

At the very end, you would be shown a disclaimer that neither of the content is stored by servers of this website, all are forwarded from third-party sites, so there might be a risk of getting troubled by viruses so you have to be cautious enough before watching or clicking on any of the links, for more safety, you must install a good quality VPN and ad-blocker.

There is one option, which would give you options to search movies by the years in which they were released or launched. Another and last, but not the least feature is the genre, it is one of the best features for those who have a very selective choice while selecting a movie you don’t like horror movies but only like comedy so there is a particular section designed for you.

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The genres are- action, adventure, crime, comedy, biography, animation, and much more like that, and surprisingly all the sections contain more than 500 movies each.

For Tv shows they must also provide a similar system to that of genres, which they have very well provided for movies, because people are nowadays selective and particular in watching TV shows as well as it is well said by someone that television is an idiot box, so better to use it wisely if you aren’t one.

My second recommendation to the developers, in case they are reading this article, is that you must also include quality content from Asian countries as well as India, as they have a wide and diverse cinema, having many branches like Bollywood and Tollywood. Hence, please give chance to other cinemas as well to show their content on such a large platform.

Wrapping up

At last, I want to stay my word, by saying that you must give a try to this website for sure, your mind will boom up with the user experience. In case you have any queries, kindly mention the same in the comment box below.

Thanks and have a cheerful day!

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