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In today’s blog,we are about to discuss one of the most prominent products of apple, Airpods, and a serious issue related to the same, that is apple “airpods connected but the sound coming from the phone“.

Introduction about airpods connected but the sound coming from the phone|ndtvjosh|

We will be discussing a few methods, which aren’t only easy to follow, but very effective and time-saving as well.

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You might have spent around a GB of your data browsing across the internet, whether it is google, YouTube, or some other search engines as well and I know you might have ended at a closed door every time airpods connected but the sound coming from the phone but this time let me assure you that you will be having a proper solution, with possible causes as well, which were responsible for this damage, some of the times it may sound harsh, but many a time, it’s the customer’s fault and mistakes due to which such conditions arise.

Is it possible to connect apple airpods with android devices?

Apple air pods are termed as one of the most awesome devices ever. You may listen to songs, receive, and make calls through them, without even touching your iPhone, and one more, you may command Siri, the apple personal assistant, with this incredible device.

The only flaw which is seen so far now is you can’t connect an android, or simply I would say, a non-android device with these headsets and you may encounter airpods connected but sound coming from phone issue.

You must be very dependent on technology and gadgets as they might cheat you at any time, either by not working at the time, you want to release your favorite or latest released track, watching your favorite movie, or at the time, when you want to attend a meeting.

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How to get rid of this problem which is airpods connected but sound coming from phone?

As air pods aren’t cheaper enough that they are very easy to replace, they cost a lot, in fact for me, it’s way too much. Hence, fixing this error or bug, whatever you may call it, is our priority and I would also recommend you the case, in which there is no other way to get rid of this, and then unfortunately you should have to replace it or buy a new one.

I would like to clarify that apple AirPods do seldomly have some issues, and most of them are manageable and reversible through some basic tips and tricks, which you would always find on our website.

The reasons and probable causes for this problem may differ from model to model of your iPhone or MacBook, and on AirPods model as well. Hence, it’s quite complex, for me, to know the reason, why you are suffering, but I will list them all so that you can select yours, and take effective action immediately.

First and foremost!

1) The first and the foremost step to fix this issue is simply be reconnecting the device with airpods and trying only one earpiece at a time, as sometimes, one of them may have a low battery, and the opposite for the other, hence giving it a try, sometimes refreshing the track, video and reopening it, maybe a solution as well.

2) In case of a phone call, you may again dial the call to the person whom you want to communicate with, to get rid of airpods connected but sound coming from phone problem.

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Let’s head to the other one!

Another part that you may play at your respective end is to restart your device, whether it’s an iPhone or MacBook. There may be a chance, that by default another Bluetooth device is connected to your device, and many a time, this is the reason, this reason being hilarious, is also ignored by us, but surely do check it once, before looking for the other steps.

Short tips and tricks to solve airpods connected but sound coming from phone?

Sometimes the wireless data transfer is affected by the automatic ear detection feature of AirPods, hence turn it off for this time, you may turn it on, in case the reason is not this, and your problem still prevails.

You may simply update the software of your apple device, as this may be due to previous bugs, which are mostly fixed by the bug fixes in the latest updated version.

The Bluetooth or internet connection may also be unstable, being unstable and having low bandwidth, it may affect the ray transmission and servers of your AirPods, and this might result in airpods connected but sound coming from phone issue.

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The other method focuses on hardware management, not on software issues. For this, you must clean the part of the airpods, which is near to your eardrum, as some amount of dust may be accumulated in that part, and sometimes the earwax may also disrupt the way through which the sound travels, resulting in filling the net like structure inside the AirPods, which is the vital part of this product.

The other method is too easy, simply turn on the ignition button of your AirPods case and put both of them inside the case and close the upper lid for a few seconds and then again take them out, try to connect, this might get your problem solved.

Clean your AirPods, inside and outside, and also the tiny holes, which are too much shorter than an ant, but still might be a reason that the servers and sensors of your AirPods, many times, resetting your apple product, and increasing the volume, as sometimes it’s on mute as well, may fix the issue till the end.

At the last, you just have to upgrade your airpods connected but the sound coming from the phone according to the firmware upgrade.

Hence, that is all for this article guys, hope you all are now prepared enough to tackle this issue, whatever the reason may be, as I have already mentioned all the possible causes and cures of the issue which is apple airpods connected but sound coming from phone.

In case you have any queries related to this issue, you are cordially invited to the comment box below.

Thanks, and have a splendid day ahead!

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