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Today’s blog is primarily focused upon a marvel invention of Alienware electronics, which is a sub-group of dell enterprises, named Alienware area51 threadripper.

Introduction to Alienware area51 threadripper|ndtvjosh

Now for those who are still untouched by the overwhelming nature of the products of Alienware, and especially this product, Alienware area51 threadripper , let me introduce you all to that first. For the very first time in the history of processors, AMD threadripper was launched in 2017 by Alienware. Firstly, it was only launched for Linus.

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The system is very well arranged and manufactured and it gives a hard boxy shape, which drives you crazy while using it, it is also space efficient and can be easily fitted in closed spaces as well. It has exclusive features as well, when compared to Ryzen threadripper. It comes with a variety of color options ranging from red to blue, you can also customize the color according to your system’s color dynamics.

This edition, Alienware area51 threadripper is specially designed with the latest edition and second generation triad chassis having the support of dual graphics of AMD Radeon processor, that is RX vega 64.

CPU Specifications of Alienware area51 threadripper|ndtvjosh

High-performance CPUs being installed have the exclusive function of fast liquid cooling, which wouldn’t let your device be warm while used for long hours. Sixteen core processors are installed taking care of the AMD Radeon series.

High-performing U.2 SSD performance processor can be seen here, which is being marked as one of the best when compared to the other categories. This time the tagline is named design and conquer.

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Name, fame, and competitors

The name of the product that is Alienware area51 threadripper may sound weird or aggressive sounding but dell, the parent company of Alienware has named it so boxy due to the presence of 16 core CPU power systems. When we try to compare the essence-based features of intel i5 or i7 processors with this masterpiece, there are a lot more points than you might create. This year the processor is quite ramped up to meet the daily needs of today’s fast-growing technological world.

This product is launched in competition with the latest intel core i9 processor, which is quite rare to be found in many personal computer systems as they are being used by some professionals and tech-enthusiasts only. This product is designed basically for high-end gaming purposes because of the divine presence of the Nvidia GTX GeForce 1080 TI graphics card

Best Design of Alienware area51 threadripper

The design is much more similar to the other Alienware devices of this genre, which they have been launching since the year of their establishment, but this time the lightning can be customized by the user itself according to his/her choice.

At the backside, there are two separate panels, where the first thing you might encounter is the GeForce Nvidia graphics card, two in quantity. Most of the space is covered with these two graphics cards only. Since it is a product manufactured by dell Alienware, it is hyper-configurable, in terms of processor, storage, and memory as well.

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The price range of Alienware area51 threadripper

The price range of this Alienware area51 threadripper, when it was initially launched was approximately 5-6 thousand dollars. You may check out the latest price from their official website as well, before purchasing the one for you.

The inner part of the CPU contains 32GB internal memory with two distinct hard drives, one being an SSD drive, besides the motherboard, and the other one is a 2TB hard drive, located just below the first one.

You may play multiple high-end games, at the same time by storing all of them together without worrying about the memory of the device as it is quite sufficient in itself. All your photos, videos, audio, and other files can be accessed and read by the revolving drive. The process is quite speedy and you can simply access your files just through a single click.

The system of Alienware area51 threadripper CPU cooling is very conventional type. The air present in the environment gets inside the CPU and flows all around the device for cooling purposes. The air which is accumulated inside the device is being exhausted through a massive-designed exhaust, which is good enough to pump out the air filled inside.

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For overclocking, specific customizations are also available in Alienware area51 threadripper for the users where you can specify the megahertz power of your device, just you have to finish the whole process in real-time and effectively as well. The loudness of the cooling fan is not too much they can be termed as silent, hence, you can easily use them while online gaming, where focus and non-disturbance are a top priority of the respective user.

The device is one of the best for gaming purposes but its best use is to have full professional programming, due to 16 specific and independent processors.

Major Drawbacks of Alienware area51 threadripper|ndtvjosh

One of the major drawbacks is that it doesn’t afford to display high-end frames, such as 4k ultra HD, you may see some lags in between the gaming, or it might get some extra warmth from the cooling side.

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When the graphics settings are set up to an ultra gaming mode, Alienware area51 threadripper can maximum provide you with 80 frames per second. Though the difference between 80 frames per second and 100 frames per second is not enough, you might cant even differentiate between the two due to much similarity but the price range, when compared with other competitors at this level is quite huge.

But still, you can play 4k games on this device, without any hustles as it is being tried and tested by our teammates by playing Minecraft and grand theft auto as well, that too in ultra-graphics mode in Alienware area51 threadripper

There is still a lot to mention about this masterpiece, Alienware area51 threadripper but the word limit does bind me every time, still, if you have any confusion regarding the same or any query related to this product you want to ask, you all are welcome to the comment box.

That’s all for today’s readers, hope you are doing great

Thanks and have a splendid day ahead!

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