Amateur blogs: Ultimate Guide to Amateur blogs

In today’s blog, We are going to discuss in detail amateur 8blogs which is one of the most trending topics in the world of blogging.

Introduction to amateur blogs|Best Guide to Amateur Blogs|ndtvjosh

The term amateur blogs refer to the blogs composed and published by a newbie, a stage where every one of us has either already started or would be starting in case you are going to be a blogger or are interested to excel in your career in this growing and developing field. A website is there named amateur which may help you in numerous possible ways

When I was also a newbie like you all, numerous mistakes have been already committed by our team in blogging, which resulted in low website ranking, and less traffic.

But this is not such a blog issue that you might be thinking, at earlier stages we weren’t having any sort of experience hence making amateur blogs in those initial days of your career push.

But if you are facing such issues, even after a year after your initial problem, then it might be considered a challenging issue. You can also take some guidance from amateur in such a case.

You must take care of some mistakes which you might have been committing unknowingly and those mistakes and errors must be fixed on the spot. You should also be confident and aware enough not to repeat such errors anytime in the future.

The website named amateur can help you to tackle such situations effectively. In this blog, you would be getting a detailed analysis and tricks to work on your content creation, meanwhile listing some of the very common mistakes generally made by newbies, both intentionally and unintentionally.

If you would be following us to resolve this issue permanently, you would not end up creating an amateur blog anytime in the future. Just trust the process and follow the way led by us.

Why read our article on amateur blogs?ndtvjosh

You might have been thinking about the possible benefits after spending your crucial time reading and following the steps and procedures discussed in this post related to amateur blogs. So here are a few of them for the amateur blog-

You would be getting a numerous list of mistakes and ways to tackle them in case of newbies bloggers.

A proper and detailed analysis of the problem is being discussed thoroughly in layman’s language to help our readers to get the very essence of this article and the main point that we are here to discuss, which that is amateur blogs.

This post would be helpful to you in case you haven’t stepped into the world of blogging till now, and don’t want to fall prey to such mistakes which approximately every newbie has made or would be committing in the future. You might have heard the idiom- “precaution is better than cure”, this property fits in our subject matter of amateur blogs.

A lot more benefits are there, in case you are reading this article up to the end and following all the steps sincerely.

Now, it’s the time to directly discuss the mistakes committed by beginners while creating amateur blogs. Some of them are listed as follows-

Relying on free domains in amateur blogs? What not to do? ndtvjosh

This might turn out to be the biggest mistake, which you might have been committing since inception. Thanks to the almighty that we haven’t fallen prey to this problem at any stage.

You wouldn’t be able to accumulate desired results by using a free domain for your website while working with amateur blogs.

It must have a custom domain to excel in this field, as it would be providing you with the best possible exposure which is deserved by your website. You can be a brand by using such useful and customized domains.

In the case of the long run, and If you want to continue with the same site you created at the initial level, it is a must to have a custom domain, without this your path of progress can’t even be imagined.

Compliance with SEO in amateur blogs?How to Cope with this?Best way to cope with Amateur blogs?ndtvjosh

If you are a part of the blogging community, the first word you might have heard about is SEO, that is, search engine optimization.

If you are using a free domain for creating amateur blogs, which we have advised you to quit using earlier, your website wouldn’t get indexed while the process of SEO.

You can set aside the importance of SEO only if your goals are non-pecuniary, whatever the reason.

Hosting platform for amateur blogs

It’s another important aspect that you must have to take care of while stepping into the blogging fraternity. You must be having a good hosting platform for your website containing amateur blogs.

We are hereby recommending you not switch to free hosting platforms, as they are neither much reliable, nor effective. You wouldn’t be having many options on free platforms as compared to the paid ones.

List building for amateur blogs

You might haven’t heard about this term yet while creating an amateur blog, even some advance level bloggers are also unaware of this, but here you would be provided with a proper explanation of this term, and the answer to the question that why it is important to be discussed and what we have to do with this?

In the case of amateur blogs, it is like a magic wand to attract quality and organic traffic to your posts, so that you would be able to accumulate a decent amount.

The most popular method and the trending one is email list building, if you want a separate post on list building and other related aspects, kindly mention the same in the comment box below.

The basic algorithm of google keeps changing time by time, which may result in some glitch or technical error on your amateur blogs, but if you are already using email marketing and listing, you would be safe to an extent, generating more income than your peers.

Frequently asked questions (faqs)

Is there any website for amateur blogs?


Is it mandatory to use a custom domain for amateur blogs?

It is not mandatory, but we do recommend using such domains to enhance your productivity and to get desired outputs in the form of increased revenue.

Are free hosting platforms available for beginners and newbies in amateur blogs?


Do we have to learn about SEO for creating amateur blogs before stepping into the blogging community?

SEO is a must at every level of blogging

Can a blogging newbie avoid creating amateur blogs with the help of this post?


Hence, that’s all for today guys if you have any query related to amateur blogs or amateur blogs, kindly mention the same in the comment box provided below.

Thanks and have a splendid day ahead!

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