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Introduction to earn money with blogger in 12 minutes|ndtvjosh

Today, in this wonderful piece of writing, which is also known as a blog in our fraternity, we are going to discuss in detail how to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes. It may sound somehow cringe to you but it is going to be real if you would follow the further mentioned steps and tricks with proper implementation from your end.

We would be discussing the best possible, easy, and most effective ways to earn money with blogger in 12 minutes.

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Sometimes there may be chances that you are working hard all the days and nights to succeed in the blogging field but still, if you are on the back foot as compared to your competitors, this article is born for you only.

There may be chances that instead of completing all the tasks and essentials to monetize your blog, you are unable to raise your income through google AdSense, or maybe you haven’t earned a single penny from there.

Best way to earn money with blogging?ndtvjosh

In this article, you would be able to know the properly analyzed method which would help you to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes.

First, let me assure you that earning from blogging is not like a magician’s wand, which you would swing and would start making a lot and to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes will take some time, maybe more than you expected. That is the reason why anyone can’t be a blogger, it takes a lot of patience to be one.

Before going deep into how to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes let me first clarify that earnings from blogging depend upon a few crucial factors such as your blogging genre, which is popularly known as niche among bloggers, your consistency of posting the blogs, organic traffic on your website, number of people clicking on advertisements and showing interest in buying them, your advertising partners and a lot more to mention.

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Let us discuss the platforms one by one in detail along with their specifications and a lot more things that you must be knowing before switching over to them.

Google AdSense– it is the most famous platform to give a kick start to your blogging journey and especially, your earnings. It will support you in selling your writing space to others by representing your website.

The domain reach of its audience is quite large compared to other platforms. This platform earns on the principle of ads that are shown to the users accessing your website, depending upon your niche of blogging.

For example, if your niche is fitness and personal development, the artificially intelligent system of AdSense would automatically suggest, and display ads related to your niche only.

The payment is done based on how many people have clicked on the ads being displayed on your respective webpage. This is all about how to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes through google AdSense simply and easily.

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Over the past three years, this platform has risen immediately with a lot of user networks throughout the globe.

The user interface is quite like that of AdSense which would help you in the best possible way to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes. Here, you are having the useful option to customize your ads, like which ads you want to be displayed on your website and the related web pages.

You can also block some advertisers and agencies whose ads may be inappropriate for you and your respective audience. The approval granting time is also not that much it just takes around five to seven days only; in case your content is following the latest norms and procedures set by this platform.

It would just take around a couple of minutes to apply for the same, hence, if we talk combinedly, the user interface here is quite friendly to use and less time eating. They would soon assign you an account representative who will help you to complete the approval and, in case, if you have other sites also, which are having pending approvals.

The benefit of this platform is that it doesn’t require minimum traffic to proceed with the approval procedure and you can use the English language only.

Some restrictions are there on illegal and inappropriate content. So, it is highly recommended from our side to avoid these types of niches, otherwise, you will end up being in trouble for getting your website approved.

The payment would reach you through a PayPal account, if you can learn how to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes, if you aren’t having one, you must have to apply for the same to receive the payments and the minimum amount which you may withdraw is $100.

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You can start to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes using this type of income-generating method.

To get started you must mention that you want to advertise the products and services, and if you want to do well in this field we would advise that you must create a separate email account to entertain the emails, some of them may be spam, so be aware while dealing with such kind of stuff.

It is a must to be able to control the flow of this work, as there can be thousands of emails in your inbox if you are having a good traffic ratio. You may simply reply to the emails, mentioning your genuine advertising prices, space to be provided, number of ads, and other specifications.

I would recommend you to sponsor genuine products and services only, as this would increase the chance of upliftment of your website, and that too at a fast pace without any hustles.

That’s all for today guys, I hope you all are now able to understand how to earn money with a blogger in 12 minutes, in case you have any queries, you are cordially invited to the comment box to express your opinions.

Thanks and have a splendid day ahead!

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