What are Blog Hops? How to setup a successful blog hops in 1 simple step?

In today’s blog, we are going to throw some light and will make you aware of the increasing and dynamic significance of this latest tool, which is blog hop or blog hops. Many of you are still unknown to this topic or you have heard of reading about it for the first time here only, so let me introduce you all to blog hops first.

I hope this article will help you to the fullest by teaching you every important aspect of this topic and would also help to enhance your trivial knowledge.

Blog hops are mainly designed for those like us, who used to write blogs through their websites across the internet and other social media accounts as well. Generally, bloggers used to advertise and promote their piece of work through social media, various newsletters, and other paid advertising platforms to reach out to as many content consumers as they can.

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You will be surprised to know that only this tool has so much power that it can double your reader’s community within a short period.

But they might not perform too well in this field if they are still unknown to blog hops, such a powerful tool of the blogging world.

In this shine blog hop, we are going to show you the splendid benefits and how to avail of those, briefly and precisely, so that you can also profit by connecting to your blog’s niche and genre. Hence, stay tuned with us!

Introduction of Blog hops or shine blog hop| ndtvjosh|

Blog hops, also referred to as blog links or party links, are nothing but some online events and webinars which are continuously being organized through virtual modes, mostly by video conferencing software like WebX, Zoom, google meet, etc.

Mostly the members and participants are bloggers, containing beginners as well as professional bloggers, and speakers are generally invited from foreign countries as well, including professional bloggers, content writers, data scientists, google analysts, and much more like that. 

Their main motive is to unite the bloggers having the same niche as their domain, to give them all a push-up and coordinative guidance-cum-mentorship. Some guest speakers are also invited to the virtual meetings to let them help to grow more in their niche and mentor them with the latest trends of the blogging world, popular niches, and other aspects as well, and all these for free.

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Working algorithm of blog hops-Best way to use Blog hop

Some of them are single series of events, which are organized on a special day, usually, they are known to be as one-day workshops/webinars. Some of them are organized and planned to commemorate a festival/happening/celebrations etc.

Some of them are being organized monthly and have almost the same working criteria in which every member is assigned a topic before the event, which he must have to prepare and share a blog on that genre and niche, within a specified time.

The vital point to be kept in mind before deciding on the topic is that it must be broad so that all the participants didn’t end up posting similar content on the same topic.

The creator of the hop is being forwarded the link of the post by different bloggers, now here is the duty of the blog hops creator to attach all those links on a single page. All the bloggers who have written the article and participated in the event, then go to each post and review them by commenting on the same post. In some cases, you might have to publish all your available articles on the page.

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Some Guidelines for blog hops or shine blog hop

May of the blog hops have specific guidelines, regarding who can participate, eligibility criteria, and any special certification or degree because some blogs are only meant to be read and written by a particular community only, like engineers, lawyers, corporate, finance, and much more like that.

Some of them might limit the words associated with an article or some may specify a particular style, in which the content is to be created.

How can blog hops be helpful to you?

The main feature of these event comments is as they act as proof of the existence of a particular blog and signify that people do reach there and are active in reading that content type.

For beginners, who couldn’t attract that much traffic, this feature is a boon. For example- a new beginner, who is only getting 2-3 comments on an article, will surely be getting more than 20 comments, with enhancement in engagement time and views as well.

Blog hops can work for any type of blog niche, but I will strongly recommend if you want to share your point of view and perspective on a particular issue, whether it is social, economic, geographical, or political, you should take part in blog hops, as there will be many others, who will surely value your opinion and will review them as well.

For searching blog hops, you just must do some research, try to connect with as many people as you can, who belong to your niche, and try to participate and get enrolled in blog hops because the more exposure you get, the finer your experience will be.

You just have to sign up, and read the guidelines to participate, most programs are organized through form filling from google forms, or they may ask you to register on a portal, specially dedicated for registration purposes only. You must add some credentials, like email, blog name, URL address, and some other important details, which vary from event to event.

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That’s all for today, if you are a beginner or yet to start your blog, blog hops can boost your progress up to the sky, and it’s also one of the best platforms where you can get new ideas and guidance from other bloggers of your niche as well.

In case you have any queries regarding this topic, you can directly reach us through the comment box below. Thanking you all for reaching here, have a splendid day ahead!

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