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Today, in this special article or blog, we are going to discuss a very fresh topic which is “lip phones” or “bratz lip phone, what are they? Who discovered them? Why they are in trend? What are the best lip phones to buy? Are they for personal or official use? All your queries along with some other important aspects would be going to discuss in detail today.

Synopsis and overview of bratz lip phone

There is a trend, which sets the pattern of our living, working, eating, clothing, etc. and it’s the fair tendency of trend, that it remains to change, it is not quite static. Trends in technology are also a vital aspect of human development.

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It also gives new hope, refreshment, and relief from previous devices or technologies, in case they are monotonous, may be due to some unknown reasons as well.

Epilogue overview of bratz lip phone

There seems to be a high trend, which was analyzed by big e-commerce giants like amazon, that people are now getting back to those old-type landline phones, there is a high tide in consumer demands, and production units as well, are working day and night to meet them.

When there is a decline of something, it is quite a tough task to maintain those contacts, management skills, workforce, and transport system to give a kickback to the declined one, so as with the case of landlines.

If we consider the case of India itself, a few companies are there only, which are still manufacturing these kinds of products, with only two to three models of the same design but different specifications and features. As the demand increased, creative minds evolved, and through the evolution and revolution there comes to be the birth of lip phones.

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Introduction to bratz lip phone

In the present era, it seems to be a radical task to call someone, the reason might be the busy schedule of the person you are trying to reach through a call, hence we prefer texting far better than calling, but as you know, the nostalgias of past always used to attract our emotions and our attachments which we used to have with them, a long time ago, hence those nostalgias are inducing the people to get back over to landline and cordless phones, lip phones are just an advanced version of landline phones, they are just in the shape of lips.

The lower lip would constitute the dialing mechanism, containing buttons, keys, and some tiny lights and LEDs, which used to beep according to their purposes.

The upper one consists of the part, which is used for hearing and speaking to the person you are connected to on call, they run on the same principle and method- you have to either stretch a separate cable from a nearby pole to your landline device or in case you are having broadband (specifically having the landline attachment port, which you may connect using a WLAN cable), its quite easier then, you just have to connect the two ends to the wire, to connect to people situated at different places.

Characteristic features of Lip phone- or bratz lip phone

If we talk about characteristics and other features, the biggest one is the shape of the flip phone, the item is also like a showpiece, and would give a diving look to the place, where you have to keep it if you have a good color matching sense, hence I would prefer you to buy the one, with a color which is compatible with the walls and ceilings of your room.

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Calling someone with a landline has its feel, in older times, we used to type down the whole contact number, and surprisingly we used to remember almost 30 to 40 contacts on our finger-tip, but nowadays, as we are getting close to the advancements of technologies, we have started to forget things more quickly.

I have even seen some folks, who just forgot their contact numbers nowadays, some of them used to save their contact in their phone, seems to be funny, but quite a shameful moment for humans. So for those, who are missing the feel or for the ones who still want to go back to the older times, you must buy a landline phone, and the one which I am recommending to you would be the best. Hence, let us dive in

The best lip phone ever-

There is a brand named as TelPal which is manufacturing this product the most, they have a good sales record and other specifications, which might assure you that this is a good brand, the color available for now is red only, but the customers, including those from India as well, have demanded the color options widely, so there might be a possibility that they would launch the same product with different colors as well.

The handset which they are providing is having a corded wire, which is flexible and can be stretched to a foot only if you would try to stretch it more, it would break and without that, it’s a total waste.

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It is made out of a total plastic body, there is no specification mentioned about the type of plastic to be used in the production. It is powered with the cord itself, by which you have to connect the landline with the cable or WiFi router. It also has a pulse and tone button, which is the best and most useful option, and you would get it exclusively on this phone only, in the case of the other lip phones. Having a vivid lip shape, it might act as a good showpiece and designer item which would surely enhance the beauty of your table and your house as well.

It might be proved to be a better gift for the birthdays of your near and dear ones and newly married ones as well. You may gift a set of two to those, who are having their anniversaries. It is based on a single dialer pad technology and it’s quite handy to use, that even kids may use, it at their convenience and without any hustles.

Wrapping up-

I rest my case here, that’s all for today, would meet you in the next piece of writing. In case of any query, kindly reach out to us through the comment box.

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