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In today’s special and exclusive blog, we are going to discuss the renowned cartoon and animated series, which is the children’s favorite of all time.

The series has its title name as “Avatar: the last Airbender” but its name in common parlance is just cartoon avatar. It also has another name, and I have a professional duty to mention it as well, that is, Avatar: the legend of Aang.

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A Brief Introduction about cartoon avatar| ndtvjosh

For those, who have heard about this here only, let me give you some specific information regarding this masterpiece series.

It is an American series and comes under the category of anime, this genre is getting more popular nowadays, and has been produced and telecasted by the nickelodeon animation channel on television.

Most important Characteristics of Cartoon Avatar

 Its writer, Aaron Ehasz, has contributed with the producer duo, Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko to make this wonderful cartoon series.

Whenever there is a discourse on cartoon avatar and anime series, nickelodeon is named firstly, it has created masterpiece cartoon series like Ninja Hatodi, which was too much famous, that they have to release it in Hindi dubbed version as well, for the Indian audience.

Seasons and episodes

This show was divided into three seasons, you might get hurt by the word, was, in the last sentence, but this show is truly off-air now. All three seasons were released between February 2005 and July 2008.

A total of 61 episodes are there in the whole series. Every season is termed to be a book and every episode is set to have resembled a chapter of that book. The series was also available in DVD formats, across the world.

The series was also released on Netflix, to huge demand from viewers, as they want a combined and consolidated place, where they may watch any episode, anywhere at their convenience, in May 2020.

Storyline and screenplay

The story is set in central Asia, the main amazement of the story, which attracts its viewers the most, is that people which are dramatized in the story have some supernatural powers to manipulate and control one of the four elements of nature, which are- water, earth, fire or air.

 It is also the central idea of this story, surrounding which the events try to develop and continue to do so till the end of the last season itself. The practice mentioned and taught in Chinese martial art, through which they can do these crazy things is ‘bending’.

The only one who has superiority over others, due to his manipulating power and control over all four of them is our main protagonist, An Cartoon Avatar. Avatar, instead of being a proper noun, or somebody’s name, is a post or designation. He is having the responsibility to maintain harmony within the spheres of his society, and also with the outer world, which is materialistic and believes in modern ways of living.

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The outer world, the world in which we are living at present, is different from that of Cartoon Avatar’s world, which believes in the spirit of martial arts and the wonders it may do if practiced with utmost belief and dedication towards this ancient art.

It also represents the pious culture of east Asia, which was unknown to many, before the release of this series, at some instances the traditional practices and beliefs of south Asian countries are also very well depicted in the series.

The series is set around a twelve-year boy named Aang, who is chosen to be the current Cartoon Avatar, and also the last one of his nation, and his journey with his friends namely Sokka and Katara.

In the whole story, their main motive is to end the war, which is being in existence for so many years, even before their birth, but these public-spirited children are too much dedicated to the sake of mankind, that they even didn’t care for their life, their main aim is just to end the war, at any cost. The villain of the story is a prince, who is exiled from his kingdom due to war, namely Zuko.

Most important Characteristics of Cartoon Avatar| ndtvjosh

Some of the main characteristics are cultural references, mainly from eastern Asia, traditional practices, the essence of martial arts and its significance in the present era, soundtracks, comic timings, and punch lines. Critics have also welcomed this series, with open hands.

 Mostly the youths have been seen to be more excited about this series, due to some topics which were touched by the makers, that is, imperial life, war, genocide, and action.

This series has also won, one of the prestigious, kid’s choice awards. Some critics have also claimed it to be one of the best animation series of all time, and it is true in the real sense as well.

Season NumberName of the seasonTotal number of EpisodesOriginally aired on
First airedLast aired
    OneWater20February 21, 2005December 2, 2005
    TwoEarth20March 17, 2006December 1, 2006
    ThreeFire21September 21, 2007July 19, 2008

Using the above statistical data, you may get all the required information regarding the telecast and launching of this wonderful animation series.

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Books ad comics-

Some books are also written, keeping in mind the essence of the story. Some of them are as follows- the art of animated series, by dark horse comics, in the year 2010.

Some important parts of it are created in the form of comics, with some minor alterations based on humor and adding punchlines to it, and that too was also published in the nickelodeon magazine itself.


Now, I rest my case here, I would surely recommend you give it a watch, you will be a fan for sure, that is the spirit of this show, and that’s the reason, it was nominated for hundreds of awards, and got selected as winners as well, many a time. If you have any queries related to this subject matter, kindly reach out through the comment box below.

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