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Today, in this piece of writing, we are going to discuss in detail and compare the possible aspects which are contrasting in terms of hostinger vs siteground. So let us now compare both in detail alongside discussing the contrasting features they are offering for their respective users.

All the details are subject to change and alteration, you may check the latest details and updates on the official website for additional information on both platforms respectively.

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Pricing comparison hostinger vs siteground or hostinger vs siteground| Which one is best|ndtvjosh

When it comes to the price details of a particular plan, both platforms are different. In the case of hostinger, the plan starts from around Rs.69 only in Indian currency. While siteground has a monthly price distribution of around $2.99/month. So, the difference in cost is too much because when we convert the amount in rupees, it would amount to nearly Rs.250.

Many Data centers hostinger vs siteground

There is also the difference in the approach domain of both platforms, while hostinger provides its services in more than ten countries covering Europe, Asia, northern America, and more. While on the other side, siteground has its reach in countries such as the united states of America, the Netherlands, Germany, and Singapore,

Percentage of uptime probability in hostinger vs siteground

In this case, it’s a tie-breaker decision as both platforms claim to have a 99.99% guarantee in the uptime of your website in case of technical glitches or website crashes. If you want to know in further detail about the term “uptime” in the blogging world, refer to the very previous article on our website.

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Comparison of hostinger vs siteground in terms of performance| Best Brief comparsion|

Now, it’s high time to discuss technicalities and look at the other side as well. If you don’t want to dive deep into this topic, might be you being a  non-technical guy find it difficult to read such kind of stuff so simply the renowned king is a hostinger this time.

Many of the options are modified in such a way that it limits the page loading time of your website as minimum as possible depending upon the loading servers working now. Some of the most brilliantly working servers are updated by the technical team of hosting. The same parallel server is there in siteground as well but is termed as too complex to perform such kind of process.

In terms f storage, both platforms are providing SSD-type storage, so this is tie break this time. If your target audience most part lies in the southern part of America, it is strongly advised to switch over to hosting for better domain coverage.

Loading time comparison in hostinger vs siteground

In this aspect, the performance of siteground is a little bit disappointing as compared to the hostinger platform. Our analytics reveals that the minimum site loading time achieved is only 1.5 seconds, while the other hand, the maximum one is around two and a half seconds. Hence, an average can be taken out to be nearly around 2 seconds, which is relatively less.

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As the hosting’s results are above our expectations, which is the minimum time of around 1 second only while on the other side, the maximum is calculated to be around 2 seconds, hence, it’s highly recommended to use this platform.

Help and support in hostinger vs siteground

both platforms provide their customers with the clock live chatting features which makes both of them user-friendly and convenient to use. Siteground additionally has two distinct features of channel phone and an exclusive and well-managed system of ticketing. You just have to wait for a little time to be in touch with the public relations agent or simply a help and support department employee who would help you in the best way possible. The time can be stretched up to 30 minutes also in many cases for both hostinger vs siteground. If your query is too much complicated or you might not be able to understand the solution then some links are also provided by the agent, to let you come out of the trouble more technically and in a well-managed way without affecting your daily hosting tasks.

But this time when we talk about the quality, siteground is king. You will be delivered with sure-shot solutions to all your queries related to the platform. In hosting, the online certification is done by the user himself, while on the other hand, siteground helps you to reinstall the certificate providing support alongside the process of downloading.

You can also refer to the Youtube tutorial videos if you are not having serious complications on the platforms. Both the host service providers are well developed in terms of help and support but again it is a must to mention that the site ground is slightly up.

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The overall and final result of hostinger vs siteground

After comparing hostinger vs siteground based on all the possible aspects and features in detail, its time for the final decision that which one is better and why, some short and quick pointers that our team has compiled in one place, maybe in this further paragraph, hence, stay tuned with us up to the end.

 Out time is having a deep research project to compare the abilities of both the platforms and their credibility at the ground level for a month. We have tried to test every feature recommended by these platforms and which are used for hosting purposes. By comparing all the possible and comparable contrasting points, hostinger is the real winner, but it would not be legitimate to declare siteground as the loser, it can be termed as the first runner-up for being what it is, after a detailed analysis.

In terms of WordPress features, streamlining effects, and much more like that, siteground is unbeatable in many aspects when compared deeply but still, hostinger is much more used and have high popularity among the bloggers.

Hence, that’s all for today, hope this article helps you in deciding the real winner between hostinger vs siteground.

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