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Synopsis or Introduction of Digital Board

The introduction to the digital board is one of the best gifts to the education sector .The continuous application of science and new-age technology is rejuvenating almost every sector and field in the present era. The education sector is also one of them, it has witnessed a renaissance at a very fast-growing pace.

What is the best use of digital board in the life of teachers and Students?

 Digital tools and the internet are widely used across the world by students and their teachers to have easy access to their subjects, assignments, and much more like that and it has also made the process tranquil, both for the students and the teachers.

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Digital board

These technologies have paved a new way in the education sector and famous educationalists are seeing it as an opportunity for many students who are skilled enough but do not have the required and appropriate resources. This board has made the teaching process quite tranquil for all the users, i.e., teachers as well as their students. the white boards are made on a basic principle which was well established by some recent studies that our mind used to retain visuals such as pictures, videos, diagrams and graphs more better than traditional style of learning.

As the reach and specific domain of digital tools and the internet are far better than that of the physical and conventional method of education in India, which is, without any doubt, our precious heritage which we all must respect and take care of it, is a more accountable method which can be used in present time.

But as some reforms are required to have occurred, as it could be the need of the hour, so we must also be that much wholehearted so that we may welcome new reforms and transformations, whether it is in the education sector or the case of any other practical implementation.

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What is a Digital Board? Why digital board is very popular mostly in India?

A Digital board is one of the best digital tools which I have encountered until now and it is undoubtedly the need of the hour. Engineers and educational reformers are very much involved in searching for a tool having a sure shot resemblance with the present times digital keyboard, and after its discovery, they have found the perfect choice.

A Digital board is nothing but an interactive keyboard white keyboard that you can access like a computer, laptop, etc. using a mouse click, scrolling, and simply touching a specific area with your stylus or even fingers and you may use your computer’s functions via your digital board. The primary use of the digital keyboard is that you can use a digital board for teaching.

Some of the other uses of the whiteboard are as follows- due to its quality audio and video quality it can be best used for presentations, teaching, in company meetings for explaining plans, maps, and much more like that. Some digital boards are having new age technologies like direct touch- implementation and better user interface for the users. Teachers may create slides, presentations and visuals using software like canvas, Microsoft Power point and others

You would see thousands of educational YouTube channels using digital boards to explain the concept to their students uniquely and more practically. It has made the concepts, which are impossible to explain on physical boards, quite easier than before. Teachers may create assignments and daily practice sheets using the adobe app. They may design a customized daily quiz as well for daily or weekly revision of what is taught in the class.

Now if you are determined enough to purchase a digital board for yourself, whatever the purpose may be, here we are discussing digital board price and the platforms from which you can get a perfect digital board for you-

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Amazon ,Indiamart , Maxx group from Where you should purchase digital board?


When we talk about digital board price in India, the first and everyone’s favorite site and app, Amazon come to mind. You will be quite amazed to know that the product, you are searching for is available on it also.

You can purchase it from amazon in return for 40,592 rupees. The product and model which you would be able to get from here is the CLEVERTOUCH interactive keyboard, which is also having the renowned feature of SLW touch technology, which enhances the user-friendly experience to an extreme level.


From the official site of Indiamart, an online e-commerce platform, you may order one of the best, Ekin finger touch interactive digital boards, at just a nominal price of Rs.40,000. You may find this amount to be huge enough, but relatively it is quite a better fit for you. But still, I would recommend you to purchase the above-mentioned one which you may get from amazon as it is having a unique touch technology that you will not get on any other device available in this segment and price range.

Maxx group

If you are a beginner and do not have that much work for which a high-end digital board is required, then, SMARTBOARD 82’, is best suited for you and it is an under the budget digital board which you will be able to purchase just at the nominal price of rupees 30,000 only. The screen size of this digital board is the largest in this segment and price range. So for newbies and those having a tight budget, it may prove to be a boon for you guys!

In this article, we have discussed digital boards, their uses, types, and models of smartboards that are ruling the industry, and even tried to mention some renowned platforms where you all can purchase them.

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Comment down your queries and opinions regarding the digital boards and do share with others as well!

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