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As Diwali season is at its peak days, today we are having something unique for you all which is dvi lighting. Let us discuss in detail what exactly it is.

 We already know Diwali is a festival of lights and brightness traditionally people do decorate their homes and workplaces with Diya and candles but as the times have changed nowadays we use to prefer decorating with artificial lights, LEDs, and lamps.

Working in this field for the past 50 years, a brand named dvi lighting is now a big brand in lighting and showpieces. This year they are celebrating their 50th anniversary with some newest addition to their inventory.

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Some of the latest inventions by dvi lighting include-

Vanguard CCT is a set of three curved-rectangular lights, particularly yellow which you may fix on the ceiling or walls.

Mackenzie Delta, again a set of 3 lights, which resembles and witch’s magic wand’s sphere, with some shiny spark of colorful lights and having a spherical glass bowl to cover, they can only be fixed on walls.

Brecon round Sconce is a special product, which you might haven’t seen yet because it’s a hollow cylindrical-shaped light showpiece with a curve cut on its respective end, and inside that, a yellow bulb can be fitted to emit the light. This is specially designed for hanging with an end fixed at the ceiling and the other one is usually left free in the air.

Cybele CCT is also a hanging piece but is having a shape of a pendant, which is usually worn by ladies in the form of neck jewelry. It has a plasma-like fluid that flows in a three-dimensional circular loop and glows very brightly when used in dark.

Virtual showroom tour- one of the best parts of their website is that they are offering a virtual tour of their showroom form where you can get a precise idea that how the showpiece would look and outshine your place.

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They have all the items, fully furnished, and installed, and through the help of technology, you can tour it like that a physical showroom.

You can make further steps like you are walking in real and can even zoom in and zoom out if you like a particular product.

Featured collections of dvi lighting

Courcelette 3 are light pendants, which are designed with alternative spheres having odd numbers of lights like three, five, and seven.

Maud AC LED is unique among all the lights, it’s a cross-shaped light designed horizontally and at right angles, with each of the edges having a LED light.

In the case of the Okanagan light foyer, you can hang it on your ceilings it has a boxy shape and hollow structure outer design with four cylindrical lamps, resembling traditional ones, but this time they are powered with electricity and LED technology.

Tortora light pendant is half cylindrical shaped light, with some nice embroidery of golden color which emits vibrant golden color lights specially designed for luxury ceilings and verandas, you can also fix them upon the ceiling of your worshiping area.

Specifications and Guidelines

All the products which are made for hanging purposes have different guidelines which you must take care of before, after, and during the installation and fixation process. The angle between the ceiling and the hanging thread or string ranges from an angle of 19 degrees to 90 degrees.

Some objects of dvi lighting can only be adjusted in case of height at the time of installation after that they can only be removed, or adjusted, hence you have to be careful while the installation process.

Some boxes and packing will reflect a diagram of the glowing bulb, this shows that the material contains one or more bulbs which means they are meant to be handled with care and precautions.

When you encounter a sign of a bulb with a cross on it, it means that the item doesn’t contain a bulb in the dvi lighting package.

The other specifications and symbols explain to us the length of the chain, which is used for hanging purposes, with one end attached to the ceiling, it ranges from three feet to 12 feet.

The symbol with a curved wire represents that the item inside the packing contains a chord wire.

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Vanity and Sconce items-

A set of three ceiling lights whose colors can be changed according to the consumer’s choice. Three color choices are as follows- soft white, cool white, and daylight. The power outputs which you can avail are of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K in dvi lighting.

Glass options- in the case of brass metal, opal glass is offered, in chrome finish, half opal glass, ebony with again the half opal glass, half opal glass is also offered in Satin nickel matter.

It is strongly recommended to use ELV dimmers for optical and best results.

Commitments and statements-

The dvi lighting organization has many goals to be achieved-

They promise to understand the needs and regular demands of their consumers.

Keeping in mind the mindset and needs of all average customers.

Tooling and fabrication are mostly focused aspects.

Variety of products and their respective models to select from.

They stand by their products and services.

All applicable safety standards are taken care of during the manufacturing of products.

More than 500+ dealers, mostly in Canada and the United States of America.

Hence guys that’s all for today, this article is the essence of high-class research by our team members. This article has most of what you must have known about dvi lighting.

We have tried our best to deliver you the specifications and details of every product available on the official website of dvi lighting. In case, you still have any queries or want to know some more interesting facts about this wonderful brand, kindly reach us through the comment box.

Thank you and have a splendid day ahead!

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