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In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the old altus tunnel or elden ring old altus tunnel, which is a prominent and secret location, available in an all-time favorite and classical video game, Elden ring. Some of you might be still unknown to this place or even the game as well, so here it’s my professional obligation and duty to let you all know about this first.

Introduction to elden ring old altus tunnel or old altus tunnel| ndtvjosh

Old altus tunnel is an old place, which was then used for mining purposes, but it is still active and can be used for the same purpose presently as well. When you enter this location, your eardrum will start vibration due to eco sounds of grunts and groans of people working there, who are without any rest or break, being working continuously day and night, mining, mining, and mining only.

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The only purpose for which they are employed in old Altus tunnels is the crystals that are situated deep beneath the earth. Now, for those who are still unable to reach the location, and want to reach there as soon as possible, here is the proper mind-map. It is situated in a mini-sized dungeon which you can locate in a central west plateau, Altus.

To access and explore this place to its fullest, you would need two stone word keys only, which you may easily get wondering throughout the virtual world of Elden ring video game.

Proper location and map involving in old altus tunnel

First, you must collect two stone word keys and reach gazing grace hill, the highest place. You now must jump into the valley in the east or northeast direction. Now, align to the left side of the valley, and start heading towards the northern side.

You may encounter some fog, due to the winter season which might hinder your visibility as well. A giant would be there as an obstacle for you before entering the place.

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A brief walkthrough of the old Altus tunnel or elden ring

After going in a southward direction to the iniquity bridge, you must pass on the Altus plateau to reach there. This location is very difficult to find, due to the presence of some Rocky Mountains, and the entrance is hindered by a big stone statue. You must use your two keys to enter the old Altus tunnel. This will also vanish the fog, which was restricting your visibility.

This location has vital importance in the history of this game as it has a treasure of cracked crystal gems, deep inside the layers of the ground, and sometimes under the bricks of the wall. They can be best used for crafting in this virtual world.

You will encounter some mine workers, dog zombies, and a few nobles guarding and supervising the workers.

You just must take the lift and go down the grace site. It is the only site of a grave among these tunnels. Some barrels and shelf storage boxes can be seen after you enter the very first corridor. Some red barrels are marked with white cross signs so that you can beware of them, as they are explosive and can harm your character’s health.

If you have fire spells, they can be advantageous to you as well. Have a look outside the shed, behind the wall, and move alongside the smithing stone.

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You will now enter inside a larger cave than before, through the woods. Move to the very first right turn and then pick up the ladder to climb up the wall to proceed further. You will be pushed up to another room having the same capacity as the previous one, here two miners can be seen chopping the woods and two zombie dogs who are installed there just to have a look at your actions, it’s better to rush from there before facing any attack.

Before having a down jump, attack and kill all the enemies from the rooftop only, as from there, you may precisely make some efficient damage to defeat them. The location where you are now is unreachable and the novels and dragons couldn’t reach there, hence, it is the best place to attack them as well, as they are helpless in this situation and less in number and strength as well.

Now drop down on the shed only, which is upheld upon the smith stone, the biggest one. The other shed has a hammer on the top, but do beware of the dogs, as they might attack you. With the help of two miners, you can also arrange a long wooden ladder, which you may use to climb up the cliff. Now look for a small tunnel to escape from the elden ring old Altus tunnel, you may reach out to the fog gate from that secret tunnel, but it is quite difficult to find, but just you have to examine the left side of the way.

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At the very end of this level, you will encounter the boss, but it is quite easy to harm him from a specific range, which he can’t approach easily. You might use some summons to distract him, and at the end hit him hard with the troll’s hammer, which we have recommended you to collect, and you must have collected as I believe it to be.

With this weapon, smash down the boss, with just a single attack, and he will offer you a great club hammer and 9600 runes, which you may use to purchase some credentials accordingly from the store.

Quick pointers in elden ring old altus tunnel

You wouldn’t find any NPCs or Merchants at the old altus tunnel.

You can find these three materials in this tunnel- cracked crystals, golden-colored runes, and stanching boluses.

Materials are available for an upgrade- smith stone, the somber stone of sizes 4×1, 5×1, and 6×2 respectively, in increasing order.

Available equipment- talisman Boldt rake, great clubs, trolls hammer.

Here, no unique or exhaustive material can be found.

Enemies and species- golden cult knight dragon, miner, Nobel, rotted stray, stone digger boss troll.

That’s all for today, if you have any queries regarding the old altus tunnel, kindly reach us through the comment box below.

Thank you and have a splendid day ahead! 

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