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Today, this blog is primarily focused on technical news related to the Apple “iPhone 14 pro max 2022″ or “i phone 14 series”. Apple has introduced the apple 14 series which includes smartwatches, iPhone 14 series, and apple ear pods.

All of them are having updated features and the price is also revised, which depends upon various models, ranging from basic to premium models of all the accessories.

Introduction to iphone 14 pro max |Prebook from here|

The apple company has got much prominence, after the release of the Apple iPhone X series which was launched in 2017 for the very first time.

In iPhone 14 pro series, both the handset models are having a pill-shaped cut design which is now replaced by an automatically adjustable notch area, which also displays some notifications, which also has a touch screen feature. Both of them are having the latest A16 bionic chips, and the display screen is always on and active.

Additional information about i phone 14 pro max 2022 series

You may imagine the build quality and functioning of this series as the chief executing officer of the apple company, Tim Cook, has already declared it to be the most innovative pro lineup iPhone series ever launched by them.

Now let us discuss in short, the price range of both models, the apple iPhone 14 pro max would be starting from $1,099 and iPhone 14 Pro would be available from $999 only. You may have it from apple stores and other online shopping websites as well, however, if you are too much excited to get yours very soon, then you may pre-book the handset of your preferred model through online mode which is starting from 9th September 2022.

Prominent features and characteristics of i phone 14 pro max 2022

The first most visible and best feature, which you can’t take for granted is the display, on the one side, apple used to provide a display of 6 to 6.5 inches and a notch, which is usually a pill-shaped design till now, but now, it will contain face id sensors and a circular cutout for the selfie camera and its sensors.

Now the proximity sensor, which is quite a cool feature of the iPhone, is behind the display, and certain allowed notifications would now pop up on the notch screen part. The system is so far known to be called a dynamic island, and it is the exclusive one, which has only been offered by apple till now.

The notch screen in new i phone 14 pro max 2022

 Apple has very specifically designed the period and animation style in which the notifications would pop up on the notch.

They will circulate in a pre-designed pattern and all around the notch, and then at the center with a comparatively big icon. From here, you may arrange and have full control of all the widgets, music albums, and video controls like play, pause, rewind skip, seek-through, and other features. Whenever you are using an application and you have had to slide back to exit then it would automatically be directed to the notch screen.

New display-

Both of them are having an always-type display, which is an exclusive option given in this range. It is based upon the new lock screen feature which is updated with an iOS version update. Useful information like reminders, alarms weather, temperature, and clock, without taking up the phone in your hands.

A sleep state feature is being provided also to provide eye protection to the user, in case he is using the device at night and it also helps to improve the battery life by automatically dimming the brightness to a minimum required level.

Latest Bionic chip, A16-

With the installation of this wonderful chip processor, apple has again won the hearts of many, these specifications in the improvement of features like battery life, user-friendly interface, display screen, and camera quality, are some of the measure reasons why it’s famous around the globe.

The CPU is divided into six core, having two best-performing cores, which also improves the battery life, by reducing the consumption percentage by up to 20 percent.

Camera specifications and addons in new iphone 14 pro max 2022

The camera is the mainly focused object, while we were discussing or will be discussing any iPhone, they can’t be conquered in that by any other competitive brand. This time, the primary camera is having 48MP, quad pixel sensor of 2.5um quad pixel size, a 1.78 lens aperture, 7 element camera, and 100 percent focus quality.

The ultrawide camera is also given space in this complex design as the third bottom camera. This part has shown a mentionable upgrade in quality with improvement in macro photography and three times an upgrade in the low light surroundings, mostly at night.

The flash, which is at the back, just above the three cameras, is also said to of increased whiteness and brightness as well, approximately twice the brightness of previous iPhones. All the photos are captured taking full precautions of the focal length of the object you want to capture from the camera lens.

For those, who used to shoot their content or casual videos as well, a surprise is for you there, the cinematic video option is now having 4K at 30 frames per second, which is quite awesome in itself, and it doesn’t need to be explained more.

How to preorder the one for you? Best way to get i phone 14 pro max 2022 fast?

The steps which are involved in pre-ordering your desired handset are quite simple and less time-consuming.

Let me dive into this topic, but first I wanna make sure that you may wait for the product to be available to your nearby apple stores as well, but still for those who are desperate enough to buy it soon, then, you may go to the official site of iPhone, there you would get the stepwise process to do so.


In my opinion, this time apple has changed a lot, and this change might bring joy to your life, as you may change using your boring old phone by replacing it with the all-new apple iPhone 14 pro max.

Still, if you have any sort of doubt regarding this subject, you may reach out in the comment box below.

Thanks and have a cheerful day!

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