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Today in this blog We will discuss the character overview of “patches the spider” which is based on the gaming and technology genre, we are going to one of the most prominent characters of bloodborne, patches the spider. Hence, the bloodborne die-hard fans, grab up your seats more tightly for this adventurous, useful, and valuable asset, which is offered to you as a piece of writing. So let us dive in!

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Introduction to patches the spider or bloodborne patches the Spider

Patches the spider bloodborne is one of the most peculiar non-player characters in the bloodborne series, and many fans of bloodborne patches the spider are already familiar with it. For those who are still unaware of his new forum in the demon souls, so let me introduce you all to that first.

His name is referred to as Patch the hyena, and ironically, it suits his personality as well. According to me as well, the writers or casting directors might have done a blunder his choosing such a name for such a weird, but interesting character.

In one of the most recent interviews, he admitted that there might come the patches, with another twist and surprise for the fans. He generally is said to have appeared most frequently in nightmare apostles.

To provide the same impact on the audience the creative team of the series has hired the same dubbing artist, William Wander to patches the spider, in all three games.

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Evolution of the character of patches the spider or bloodborne kiling the spider

To have a look at the evolution of this character, and how much expertise is invested by the creators for the well-being to patch the spider, you had to go through all the past three series of this game series.

In the last series, you would first find him by greeting you by waving hands and will try to give you some hints about the location of the treasure, you just had to put forward the cells of your brain to their fullest potential to get the essence of his hints.

The place is quite riskier for you, so it’s better to have a weapon for the safety of your character.

The other companions of your journey might be helpful to you as well, and you would be pleased to meet them, and the same with them also.

Your first guide and last may be! (patches the spider)

Patches will guide you, by telling you the location of the treasure and to get it as soon as possible. He would try to gain your faith and belief by trying to help you in finding the treasure.

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Till you are alive and at the last moment, when you would try to get and capture the treasure, he will start following you, this can surprise as well as make you jealous of his presence.

 But still, he will assure you all the way, that treasure would be all yours. He would try to instigate you to get the treasure.  

When you would be able to smell his greed, and when he would notice that, simply he would try to act like he means nothing like that, to fool you, to cheat you, and he will act like a simple merchant.

Encountering the second time (patches the spider)

The second encounter would be in the backside of the altar, something like a shiny shield, his presence there, might scare you as well, as that place is like that in haunted movies, or an old house on barren land, with trees having no leaves and that too dry and tore and when your character would ignore his words, he would again ensure to cast the shadow of his empathy and selfish nature.

 Treasure companion or A traitor? bloodborne killing the spider

He will try to get your company in finding the treasure, as he might not find that alone, which is inside a pit, deep under the ground.

He usually tries to plant the seed of so-called greed for treasure in your character’s mind, and even if you aren’t in your real life, in reel life, you have to just to find the treasure, and finally when you are consistent of your goal of finding the treasure to move on to another level, and as soon as you try to seek down inside the pit, he would kick your back and you would fall immediately into the pit, yeah your companion has now betrayed you, and you might feel like smashing down your screen with a heavy punch or the kick, with the same force he kicked your back.

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Now, coming back to the story, he will shout out aloud, that you have had to starve till death in the pit forever.

He would laugh out aloud like a demon and that sound would penetrate deep inside like that of heavy winds.

It’s the third one! patches the spider

Now, it’s time for the third time encounter, with that bloody traitor, you might feel like never meeting, patch the spider, again in your life or you would like to take the worst revenge possible at that time.

He will again ask you to a sorry for his misdeeds, he would again try to make you prey on his guilty mind.

He will trap you by saying there are no humans any now and then, and the only way to get the treasure is a friendship or partnership, which is entirely based on trust, and this traitor would be the last person on the earth, whom you will look for trust and companionship.

Wrapping up of patches the spider or killing patches the spider

A furious fight would start, with a dangerous weapon in your hands and powers in his, you would have to be cautious as this traitor is like a snake, who can bite anytime, and yeah, he will do that, by cheating you again by pushing you in the same pit, where you would find a human, the one whom you can trust.

There comes the end of the chapter, but not the game series, stay tuned for the story of the upcoming part.

You are welcome to the comment box, in case of any queries, and do share this piece of information with others as well!

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