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In this blog, which is focused on the health genre, we are going to introduce you all to a very new concept in the medical field, and that too especially in Homeopathy which is a new age of homoeopathy which is “Predictive Homoeopathy” or” Predictive Homeopathy”. Many of you are still confused about what the term Predictive Homoeopathy means, hence let me clear that to you all first.

It is just a different branch of homeopathy that focuses on the patient more efficiently and tries to find out the root cause of his or her illness and try to eliminate it.

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A brief history of Medical Science in Predictive Homoeopathy

Medical science has gained much prominence in today’s fast pace changing society. In earlier days, according to our traditions, people used to visit a local vaidhya, who generally used prescribe some natural plant’s leaves, shrubs, tree roots, stems and much more like that.

 They were generally nature-focused remedies, but as time changed, new inventions took place, various research projects were held, and all of these resulted in the formation of allopathy, homoeopathy, and much more branches of medical science, which are nowadays used to cure the ailments of approximately all the diseases.

Introduction to Predictive Homoeopathy

We are very well aware of the Homeopathy branch already, it has gained its popularity for a few years, as patients find it quite beneficial, having no side effects on their health, and simple course of medicines. It is quite a simple way of medication, and most ailments and diseases are cured using a few drops of that solution daily at a fixed time or as directed by your homoeopathic consultant.

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Homoepathy is a sort of calculated science that is too much efficient, as to cure even chronic diseases, and that too in the less relative period, if taken with due care.

 Instead, it’s a long procedure to cure a certain ailment, but considered and preferred by most patients, as it cures the ailment through its roots, that is, complete relief from the disease.

The genetic information like history of the disease and much more like that are examined briefly by the homoeopath and then the procedure of treatment and medicines prescription get started.

India and predictive homoeopathy

When we mention this wonderful science in India, all the credit goes to one of the most prominent names in the homoepathic field of India, Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar, he is a homoeopathic practitioner as well as a well-trained teacher and mentor to many of his patients throughout the world. He has started to use, implement and research various aspects of predictive homoeopathy, and that too at a very young age.

His father, Mr. Prafull Vijayakar, founding chairman of Predictive Homeopathy, Mumbai. He is the first to coin the term “predictive homoeopathy” in the late 70s, at that time it was not taken that seriously, but now people have understood its uses and benefits. this branch is having a basic structure of medication, which starts from the internal evaluation and proper diagnosis of a patient and then move towards the prescribing stage. Hence, as the legacy of his father, Dr. Vijayakar is spreading the awareness and knowledge of homoeopathy all around the globe.

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Predictive Homoeopathy and World

He has more than thirty active clinics throughout the country, and his vision is to do the same in European countries and then to maximum countries around the globe, and his venture would succeed soon. He is known among the most prominent doctors as through his expertise he has the record of treating cancer patients with maximum success percentage when compared to different health aspects and criteria.

To spread awareness regarding this new branch of medical science that is predictive homoeopathy, he used to hold webinars and seminars throughout the country, mostly in Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. he used to address the new students and other homoeopaths as well. His works are also appreciated plenty of times by foreign counties like Brazil, the USA, and Germany. That is why, he is a popular figure in other parts of the world as well, not only in India.

What is the use of predictive homoeopathy?

Access to Mr. Vijayakar, every ailment gets its roots from the genes of a particular breed of humans, and if you can identify the root, then the cause will be in front of you soon, and so the treatment as well. Some instances are being noticed when allopathy doctors lose their hope and the same patients were treated through Predictive Homoeopathy and effectively as well.

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The number of practitioners who are attending the seminars continuously is live proof that people, as well as doctors, are getting to know more about this latest field, and they would surely try to implement the learnings in curing their patients. His most famous line, which inspires the youth to choose a career as a homeopath, is, “Homoeopathy used to treat the man in the disease and not the disease in man”.

He used to deliver his homeopathy speech in Germany, for eight years till now. He has cured even serious diseases like tumors and cancer and that too with primitive homoeopathy itself. He wanted to make this branch of homeopathy, the first preferable treatment for patients.

Trust and foundation in Predictive Homoeopathy

He is the main founder and trustee of the Homoeopathic Research and Development Foundation, HRDF, having a very catchy slogan, that is, “Hope for the Hopeless”. The slogan is itself enough for creating a spark in the subconscious mind of a patient regarding his treatment and hopefully the best recovery possible.

Wrapping up of Predictive Homoeopathy

The growing popularity of predictive homeopathy is seeming to be a vast success in this field, hence, opening plenty of doors for our young generation to explore and do something innovative in this field of medical science. The patients who get treated with this branch and technique, even when discarded treatment from famous allopath physicians, have also laid the foundation stone for this future technology with their unbreakable faith.

Comment down your opinions and queries(If any) in the comment box and do share this wonderful piece of knowledge with others as well.

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