How to reset duolingo progress ? How to Remove Duolingo Progress?

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Duolingo Progress

Today, in this piece of writing, we are going to discuss in detail “how to reset duolingo progress“. For those who are still untouched by the overwhelming features of this platform, let us discuss one of the most important features of duolingo first, before moving further toward how to reset duolingo progress.

Introduction to how to reset duolingo progress or how to remove progress on duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform that offers courses in various languages. Presently it is having courses for more than 40 languages, which are being spoken throughout the world. It was launched in the year 2011 by its founder Luis Von Ahn. Luis was a computer science professor at the Carnegie Mellon university. He was also accompanied by his former student, named Severin Hacker.

The main object behind launching this platform is to make language learning as easy as possible, alongside keeping the whole session funny and engaging for the learners.  

With its gamified approach to language learning, Duolingo has attracted millions of users worldwide, which includes language learning, colorful graphics, engaging and fun activities, and personalized learning plans depending upon the learning level of each learner.

One of the most appealing and awesome aspects of the duolingo platform is that it’s free to use, hence, you don’t have to spend a single penny in learning any language. Now, the question that may strike your subconscious mind is that, how is this platform generating its revenue. So let us discuss in brief their revenue generation before discussing how to reset duolingo progress So, they have a separate platform, named Duolingo plus, where there would be no ads, and you would be able to get offline access to all the courses. Hence, we would like to conclude that there aren’t many differences between duolingo and duolingo plus.

Duolingo’s courses are structured around a series of interactive exercises that cover grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation sessions for the learner, and that too in an interactive way. Each exercise is designed to be short and engaging, making it easy to fit language learning into a busy schedule.

how to reset duolingo progress or How to reset progress on duolingo?

The duolingo platform tracks your progress by indicating with various signs and signals whether you have completed a session or not. However, there may be situations where you want to reset your Duolingo progress, such as if you want to start over with a new language or if you want to erase your previous mistakes, or if you aren’t confident about what you have learned till then.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of resetting your Duolingo progress or how to reset duolingo progress in detail and with the proper steps.

Before we dive into the process, it is important to note that resetting your Duolingo progress is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Hence, you have to be very cautious, and if you have once performed the reset process by using our article on how to reset duolingo progress, you would lose your previous progress, whatever stage you have reached, you would have to certainly start from scratch.

 Once you reset your progress, all of your completed lessons, achievements, and progress will be erased. If you are sure you want to proceed with resetting your progress, without any doubts you just have to follow these steps discussed in detail from now onwards.

Step 1: Log in to your Duolingo account

The very first step in furtherance of how to reset duolingo progress is to log in to your Duolingo account using your email address, which you have used while signing in to use the duolingo platform or either your Google or Facebook account. If you are already logged in, then skip this step and proceed to the second step. But be careful while filling in all the credentials to avoid any obstacles during the login process.

Step 2: Go to your account settings

Once you have completed the process of logging in to your duolingo account, click on your profile picture which is generally available at the top right corner of the screen of your respective device. After clicking on the profile picture icon, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Then you just have to find out the settings option from that drop-down menu and click once on that “settings” option.

Step 3: Select “Reset or remove languages”

Now, in the third step, you have to scroll down under the aegis of the settings menu to find the option named “Reset or remove languages” option and then click on that option once.

Step 4: Choose the language you want to reset

Since, there is a possibility that you have selected more than one language, hence you have to select that particular language for moving on further toward how to reset duolingo progress whose progress you want to reset in duolingo. In the “Reset or remove languages” menu, you will see a list of all the languages you are currently learning on Duolingo. Select the language you want to reset by clicking on the “Reset” button, which would be available near that language.

Step 5: Confirm your decision

Since this process can’t be reverted, the platform would ask you to confirm your decision on resetting the language. Once you click on the “Reset” button, a pop-up window will appear on your screen asking you to confirm your decision. This is your last chance to change your mind. If you are sure you want to proceed, click on the “Yes, I’m sure” button.

Step 6: Wait for the reset to complete

After you confirm your decision, Duolingo will start resetting your progress for the selected language. This process may take a few minutes, depending on how much progress you have made in the language.

Step 7: Start over

Once the reset is complete, it means you have religiously followed all the instructions on how to reset duolingo progress you will be taken back to the main Duolingo screen. The language you just reset will now appear as if you have never started learning it before and the progress bar would also start from scratch showing zero progress. You can now start over from the beginning and work your way up again, by learning that language again from the very scratch.

Conclusion to how to reset duolingo progress

Resetting your Duolingo progress is a simple process that can be done in just a few clicks and by deeply following our blog on how to reset duolingo progress However, before you proceed with resetting your progress, make sure that you are sure you want to do it, as this action cannot be undone. If you are confident that resetting your progress is the right decision for you, then follow the steps outlined above to start over with a fresh slate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I start over on duolingo?

You have to remove a course and then add it again

What happens when you reach the end of duolingo?

You would be rewarded with a trophy.

How do I reset my duolingo data?

You have to select the option of erasing personal data from the duolingo drive option.

Will deleting the duolingo app delete my progress?

Your progress will not get lost.

What happens when you uninstall and reinstall duolingo?

Your progress will be saved, no matter whether you delete the duolingo app or not.

Hence, that’s all for today folks, I hope you can understand the thorough process of how to reset duolingo progress, if you still have any queries, you are cordially welcome to the comment box provided below.

Thanks for reading this blog up to the end, have a splendid day ahead!


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