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In this Movie “The stoneman murders review“,we will make you review the entire movie and all the secrets and interesting topics related to the movie, we will explain it to you in many ways and systematic way in this blog post.

Director- Manish Gupta

Star cast- KK Menon(SI Sanjay Shellar), Arbaaz Khan( SI Kedar), Rukhsaar(Manali Sanjay Shellar), Vikram Gokhale(AIG Satam), Virendra Saxena( Hawaladar Kamble)

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The Stoneman Murders Review?Is there a detective hidden inside you?

let me clear it from the start that it is a suspense and thriller movie which is best accoriding to your need. Today we are going to review one of the most underrated movies,  The Stoneman Murders review , released in 2009. The writing and story are too sharp and smart that it changes colors like a chameleon before the ending, and finally, when the audience has encountered reality, the mind will be boomed. the suspense is kept till the last, that is what we call a perfect writing and screenplay. the director has worked very well in this movies, if there would be promotions and all, it might get a blockbuster success, but unfortunately it was a low budget film, so it doesn’t have edge over others in terms of promotion and launch events and it is termed as underrated by some critics.

The stoneman murders review is a film that shows the CCTV Footage of the mind of a man, who is called murderer, killer, and many more names in legal terminology. In the end, you must be thankful, as you would be watching this movie for free without spending a single penny from your wallet, stay tuned to know, where?

The plot of the Stoneman Murders review begins in the Bombay city of the 1980s, where a police inspector named Sanjay Sheller, on the behalf of his honesty, is earning fame in the department.

Everything was going on fairly until the day when Sanjay loses his self-control due to extreme anger and starts beating a petty thief in his lockup unfortunately, he died due to rigorous torture from him. He got suspended immediately from the police service . There is a junior officer in his office, Kedar who doesn’t give much importance to his uniform and duty, but whenever the department is required to call him, He would reach the spot immediately. Both of them are in lead, but no one can replace KK Menon in acting, the roles he had played in recent movies are outstanding, and all are different in themselves. I would suggest you to watch his other projects as well, you would surely love them a lot.

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Do you also try to find the ending of a suspense or thriller movie by yourself before the real ending?

But soon, some extraordinary events start occurring in the city, especially during nights when the footpath and roads are colored red with the blood of innocent and poor people, and that too in a series, like there is a serial killer behind all these incidents.

Some mind blowing facts about Sanjay inspector investigation in The stoneman murders review

The common element is the murder weapon, which is a big and heavy stone, you might have got the idea why the movie is named so.

The responsibility of this case is totally upon Kedar, but on the other side, Suspended inspector Sanjay is also trying his best and involved in his separate investigation. The reason is that he wanted his job back and most importantly his fame. Some mind-blowing facts came out of the investigation on which Sanjay is working upon.

Human Sacrifice in The Stoneman murders review

First of all, all the murders are committed between 10 PM to 4 AM, which according to astrology, is having a unique significance. the murders are committed only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Near every dead body, a broken coconut having some vermilion over it is found, which shows that the series of murders are connected with human sacrifice.

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The basic concept of the film, from its outer core, resembles a typical murder mystery but when we get involved in its deepest essence, we would find ourselves more engaged in the subject of superstition. Superstition is a disease that is even more powerful than the corona virus itself.

K Menon special role in The stoneman murders review

KK Menon in the lead role has just vanished the difference between reel and real life. Hats off to the man! His natural and powerful acting has just light-up the essence and the soul of this whole piece of work.

By the way, the film is just 90 minutes long, but it puzzles your mind so much like the way your mind gets completely trapped on the web.

The most dangerous is the ending part, which depicts why, and by whom, the murders are committed. You will surely have goosebumps when you will be encountered the real villain of the story.

Most shocking facts in The Stoneman murders review which is based on real accidents

The most shocking fact is that the movie is based on real incidents. In 1983, plenty of anonymous people was found dead.

In 1987 also, when the murder of 9 people together, is made the headline of the national daily, but this time the city changed from Bombay to Calcutta and the shocking thing is that almost 40 years are gone, but still the cases are unsolved.

Now the most important thing which you might be waiting for last few minutes, where to watch it for free. So, the simple answer to this is Mx Player – available in both Hindi and English. You may also get it on YouTube in Hindi.

Comment down your opinions about this movie and share the review with others as well!

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