Thrivecart Vs Clickfunnels: Best Comparsion (2023)

Introduction to Thrivecart vs Clickfunnels| Comparison between Thrivecart vs Clickfunnels

Today, in this piece of writing, we are going to discuss in detail two prominent platforms in the field of blogging and search engine optimization, that is, thrivecart and clickfunnels. After discussing both of them one by one, we would also focus on the main topic of today, which is thrivecart vs clickfunnels.

This article would prove to be a milestone in your journey of choosing the best platform between thrivecart vs clickfunnels. Hence, it is a must-read, and follow the instructions to reach “the best platform” for you. We would also look upon some other related aspects related to thrivecart vs clickfunnels such as the characteristic features and functions, and some practical applications, and would also be reviewing both of the platforms with our perspective, which is dependent upon proper research and analysis.

We do promise you that if you keep in mind your requirements, you would end up choosing the best for you, and that’s our goal too, with this article. Now it’s time to dive deep into the topic.

Review of thrivecart vs clickfunnels

if we talk about review, let us first discuss some basic differences between thrivecart vs clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a platform that can be used as a page builder containing a sales funnel as an exclusive option, on the other hand, Thrivecart provides checkout page building, and that too in a cart-based integration option.

 Clickfunnels and thrivecart, are both having approximately the same ratings and reviews by some third-party review websites.

One of the best features of thrivecart, if we compare thrivecart vs clickfunnels is that it has an exclusive option by using which you can use the clickfunnels platform as well, sound interesting right? This factor can be responsible for you in case you are choosing thrivecart over clickfunnels, or any other equitable platform. But, if clickfunnels and thrivecart clickfunnels are both having approximately the same features, with only minute differences.

Now, let us discuss in very brief the pricing plan of thrivecart vs clickfunnels, the starting price of clickfunnels is 97 dollars for a month, while on the other hand, you just have to pay $95 per month for the subscription of thrivecart, you can also avail the lifetime subscription plan which would cost around $495.

Now, let us differentiate thrivecart vs clickfunnels based on the free trial offered by both platforms. Thrivecart has a 14-day free trial plan while clickfunnels provides you 30- a day payback guarantee, which is just equivalent to the free trial, as the amount would be returned to the customer, within such a limited period. NOTE- The pricings of both the platforms, thrivecart vs clickfunnels, are subject to change, depending upon various circumstances, hence, it is highly recommended to verify the latest pricing from the official and authentic websites of both platforms, to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the price plans.

Difference between thrivecart vs clickfunnels in detail

Basic differences between thrivecart vs clickfunnels

In thrivecart vs clickfunnels, clickfunnels offers a sales funnel builder for your online website or business. It includes features such as convertible and customized template options, the ability to send emails to customers, drag and drop editor, on the other hand, thrive cart is sad to be the versatile platform that is more likely to be used as a checkout page builder.

For those who are unknown to the term “sales funnel”, let me introduce you all to that first. It is a process for converting the visitors of your website into leads and it can also be used to convert current leads into customers, using marketing tools offered by this wonderful platform.

These features just focus on one page at a time to provide the best possible results.

If we go by proper quantity, there are 22 main sales funnels, if we compare thrivecart vs clickfunnels which are tried and tested by many such funnels are specific with their respective functions, each of them carrying a different goal to be achieved.

If you are stuck with your old traffic only and unable to attract new customers, the tripwire sales funnel would be much more useful for you, as it would attract new paying customers and also has the awesome capacity to convert old traffic into paying customers.

Squeeze funnel– The function of the squeeze funnel is slightly different as it supports your website to convert regular website traffic into leads, and hence, it would excel up your website up the limits of the sky.

Webinar funnel– this funnel is considered the best among all the funnels, as it is perfect for the collection of registrants, in case you are conducting any sort of event, online. You can also sell your new leads using this option. Hence, the wise use of this funnel would excel your website.

Some other miscellaneous benefits of using clickfunnels, when we compare thrivecart vs clickfunnels together, are that you will have access for surveying and segmentation of your emailing list, sale of product and service, you can also conduct an online webinar, and that too with on an autopilot mode, which means that many of the functions required for the conduction of such events would automatically be handled by the platform itself and that too, without any extra charges, lastly it also recommends various audience regarding your product and services.

You may easily build and host your sales funnel, whatever the type it be, after testing all the functions, which would hardly take a few minutes to discover, but to become a master in using it, you must have to practice with thrivecart vs clickfunnels, time by time or whenever required, otherwise there are high chances that you would forget some of the options and as a result, the progress of your website and online business would hamper a lot.

On the other hand, thrivecart is also considered a good platform, if we are concerned with thrivecart vs clickfunnels, it provides you with several tools, which you can utilize to build online carts and various kinds of checkout pages as well.

The exclusive features would support your website in numerous possible ways such as increasing the conversion rate, building an online business, and much more.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) Which one is better among thrivecart vs clickfunnels?

Both are perfect at their respective place, for detailed contrast, you may refer to our post on thrivecart vs clickfunnels

2) Can we use thrivecart and clickfunnels for free?

free trial is only available for a few days.

3) How much would it cost to use thrivecart on monthly basis?

The pricing plans are already discussed in the article above.

4) How much would it cost to use clickfunnels every month?

The pricing plans are already being discussed.

5) Is it safe to use both the platforms thrive cart vs clickfunnels

Yes, they are safe to use and user-friendly as well.

Hence, that’s all for today guys, I am confident enough that you can decide the best platform among the thrivecart vs clickfunnels. If you still have any doubts related to this subject matter, you are welcome to the comment box provided below.

Thanks, and have a splendid day ahead!

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